The Takaful Rendezvous 2017

20-21 Sep 2017, Mandarin Oriental, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Theme: “Takaful 2.0: To Soar to Greater Heights” Making Takaful Better Fit for Purpose

With digital making strong in-roads into traditional insurance, even takaful has to rethink its business and operating models in the era of disruptive innovation. It cannot be business as usual with the 4th Industrial Revolution upon us.

Takaful players must seize this opportunity to review and even reinvent the business model and grow exponentially to attract tech-savvy Millennials and Centennials who will make up 60% of world population by 2020. Can Takaful rise to this challenge and seize the day? It is all about innovation to get the best product fit for the consumer keeping the core principles intact and getting dynamic about distribution to bring the product to the consumer. Using technology and InsurTech can be the key.

Although the Takaful industry has grown rapidly especially in the Middle East and South East Asia, it is still not fully exploited and in most markets, Takaful is still lagging behind conventional insurance. Proper adoption of InsurTech and digital technology will allow Takaful to increase product distribution and grow quickly in a cost-effective manner.

The theme for Takaful Rendezvous 2017 “Takaful 2.0: To Soar to Greater Heights – Making Takaful Better Fit for Purpose”, will look at focused solutions to overcome the challenges and explore hidden avenues for growth to stay ahead of the competition. The Rendezvous will bring together leading Takaful players from around the world, including regulators, insurers, reinsurers, retakaful operators, shariah scholars, brokers, consultants, Islamic banks and service providers to discuss how to break the current limitations and respond to the speed of the new digital era.

Key Topics include:

  • Keynote Address: Takaful in FinTech – Where are we, what is next?
  • Challenges of Regulations in the Digital Era
  • Handling the Disruptors: Strategies to Win and Engaging Millennials
  • Innovating for the Next Generation of Buyers
  • Version 2: Blue Ocean Strategy or Follow the Best or Rest
  • Understanding the Risks of Revolution 4.0
  • Impact of IFRS adoption on Takaful
  • Tapping Hidden Growth Opportunities: Takaful Operation in Unknown, Untapped Market – Challenges and Opportunity
  • Innovation Strategies to Expand the Takaful Industry
  • Driving Growth and Efficiency in Microtakaful – The Mobile Era
  • Microtakaful & Zakat
  • Recent Developments in Bancatakaful
  • Social Media for Takaful
  • Maximising Value through M&A - Key to Successful Partnership - Overview of M&A and current potential
  • Better Ratings for Takaful Companies - A Rating Agencys Perspective
  • Finding the Right Islamic Instruments for Asset Management Return
  • The World of Omni-Distribution in Takaful
  • Impact of Going Co-operatives
  • Takaful in the Emerging Markets: Overview and Prospects

Where Goes the Retakaful Market?

  • The Next Growth Wave in Retakaful
  • Retakaful – Still shortage of Capacity?
  • Getting the buy-in from Takaful Operators 

Panel Discussions

  • CEOs and Industry Leaders’ Power Debate on Takaful Ver 2.0
    - Overcoming the key obstacles to further develop and strengthen the global Takaful Industry
    - Price and Preference
    - Competition among takaful players – What are the limits?
  • Dialog with Takaful Pioneer: Industry Perspective on the Past, Present and Future
  • Panel on InsurTech: Winning the Technology Game
    - What’s hot and what’s new? InsurTech disruptors as friends
    - Leveraging on InsurTech and other technological advancements
    - Using InsurTech to spread Takaful
    - Sandbox for InsurTech
  • Special Panel on Shariah and Compliance Issues
    - Parameters in designing new products
    - FinTech according to Shariah
    - Non-standard regulatory Shariah frameworks
  • Panel on Then & Now
    - Has Takaful Delivered on Its Promise? How can it play catch-up?
  • Panel on Market Analyses of Takaful Penetration – Learning from the Best 

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